Goa In The Monsoons

Goa in the Rains


 The Magic of The Monsoons

Millions of tourists visit Goa every year, a majority of them making the trip during the peak season in winter from October to January. Quite a few visit Goa during the summer around the month of May. But they seldom make the trip when Goa is at its most beautiful — during the monsoons. The rainy season (monsoons) in Goa is simply a magical experience.
The real beauty and grandeur of Goa is at its height during the rainy season when it offers you a plethora of unique experiences. The rivers joyfully overflow with their rushing streams, the trees dance to the tune of the winds, the mountains and the fields cover themselves with a verdant green carpet ready to welcome you to a land of eternal beauty.

In early June, after the sweltering summer heat of the summer months, the monsoon gives Goa the first signal of its imminent arrival. Ominous grey clouds gather over the horizon, the blue skies disappear and the thunder rumbles in the distance sounding like a typical Goan drum beat. Frogs croak their welcome urging Lord Varun (the God of Rain) to hurry.

And when the monsoon finally arrives, quite dramatically, it is accompanied by claps of thunder and streaks of lightning. The smell of wet earth is everywhere and the croaking of the frogs reaches a crescendo. Monsoon in Goa means sudden bursts of torrential downpours which usually last for a short time, although occasionally, there are periods when it rains for hours on end. These sudden bursts are always succeeded by bright sunshine which lights up the countryside in brilliant colours.

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Soon the Goan landscape undergoes a complete transformation as if being painted in various shades of green. Hills turn coy and shroud themselves with misty veils, while their luxuriant green covering of trees greets the stormclouds and the undergrowth grows rapidly. The rice fields are emerald green with a deep green fringe of palm trees and an even deeper green of other smaller trees. This colorful canvas of a rhapsody in green is in sharp contrast to the dark cloudy grey of the skies.
The rivers and estuaries which criss-cross Goa, are swollen with rainwater, flowing with renewed gusto giving up their usual shades of blue-green to turn a deep orange-yellow. The Arabian Sea all along the Goan coastline, is not to be outdone. Angry and active, it puts on a grand show for the occasion, roaring and creating huge waves which pound the sandy beaches.

Swimming in the sea at this time of the year is out of the question as the sea is very turbulent and the waves treacherous. But try walking barefoot along the beach and listen to the roar of the ocean and feel the rain and the salt spray splash on your face. It is a great feeling.

Goa in the rains is a serene and peaceful refuge for those seeking respite from the concrete jungles of the urban world. The best thing you can do is sit out on a verandah and watch the world pass by while the hours waft into wonderful, lazy, rain-soaked days.

If relaxing in the cozy ambience of your room is not your idea of fun, then there are a plethora of outdoor activities for the adventurous at heart. Fish along the riverside, go crab hunting or if you hanker for some real excitement, then trekking is the ultimate experience.

Go for quiet walks in the hinterlands and enjoy mind-riveting sights of white-washed churches and ancient temples resting against lush green paddy fields. The breath-taking natural wonders of Goa have to be seen, to be truly enjoyed.

And as they do all around the year, Goans celebrate. The unique feasts of São João and Bonderam are celebrated at the height of the monsoon in August. The magnificent colour and pageantry is accompanied by the usual singing, dancing and vibrant music.

Yes, Goa in the monsoons has all the ingredients of a dreamy, misty, green vacation with peace and solitude in just the right measure. So come enjoy this beautiful mosoon season with us at Zense Resort and have a memorable experience.


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Fort Aguada

Overlooking the vast expanse of ‘seeming to be endless’ blue waters in front of it, Fort Aguada is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Goa. It receives a lot of tourist traffic all around the year. Reasons are that it’s excellent for sightseeing and also that it stands as a testimony to the glory of Portuguese empire.



Construction of the fort was undertaken by the Portuguese in the year 1609 for the purpose of keeping an eye on the movements through the waters and the nearby areas and the structure was finally complete in 1612. Since then, precisely for over more than 400 years, the fort has stood strong (although some parts of it have been ruined) and its magnificence remains intact.

The location where the fort was constructed was of strategic importance to the empire and provided it a great defence base.

Interesting features

Aguada lighthouse: So this is one of oldest of its kinds in Asia as it was built in 1864. It is a four storey structure and when you take a view of the surrounding acreage from the lighthouse, it is just par amazing. For the ones who love to take photographs, this is a place for you to look out for beautiful scenes and clicking opportunities!


Aguada Jail: Yes, there is a prison house in the fort where accused of the crimes such as narcotics abuse, drugs sale and trafficking are lodged in. It is closed for public visits.

Quick fact- It is one of the largest jails in Goa


A very short drive from Zense Resort can take you to Fort Aguada. Drive time should not be more than 10 minutes ideally. You can also choose to cycle your way to the fort with our tandem cycles.

The Best Reason to visit this historic place  will be the lighthouse which offers a breathtaking top view of the area around and The second reason is that you can relax with your better half while watching the sunset here because it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Goa to enjoy the sky painted in fleeting shades of red and orange while the sun bids a farewell to the day for then.

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Times of Ahmedabad Review Zense Resort

Unwind Luxuriously Near Candolim Beach North Goa Says Times of Ahmedabad

Zense Resort has been in the news papers again today 19/02/2016, with another rave review. Unwind luxuriosly near Candolim Beach Noth Goa is the theme of the latest statements from the Times Group of India. This news comes as Zense Resort hosts a group of Bikers in Goa for “India Bike Week” coming to a close in Vagator. Goa has become a frequently visited hub for travellers, tourists and Indians alike. Many returning at every possible chance from large Indian cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. With a host of different room types for many budgets all with a touch of luxury, Zense Resort is thhe perfect place to unwind luxuriously near Candolim Beach north Goa, for a getaway from the daily grind of major cities.

Unwind luxuriously

A midst erratic work schedules, deadlines, meetings, getting a break always acts like a blessing. And what better place to unwind than the sand laden beaches of Goa? With mouthwatering options for various cuisines, vibrant flea markets, water sports, clubs and so much more, Goa, has always been one of the most preferred vacation spots, for many .And so your stay there is even more pleasant, The Zense Resort extends its services and hospitality in this region. The lovely property is located close to the famous Candolim beach, on the main roads of Fort Aguada.
All the rooms are wi-fi enabled. Apart from this there are five categories of rooms namely , executive rooms, deluxe rooms, luxury rooms, junior suite and master suite. Some of the rooms are equipped with hammocks and luxury swings while the suites come with independent terraces.

If the idea of tandem cycle always fascinated you, then you are surely in for a surprise. Explore the viva cious bylanes of the city , on tandem cycle. And if you want to relax in your room, then, simply surf through TV channels in HD and enjoy watching your favourite shows.

Unwind and relax at the spectacular terrace garden pool side that is sure to rejuvenate you. The hotel also houses the popular South I Resto Bar serving lipsmacking veg as well as nonveg delicacies from South India. The hotel also has 24 hours security and 24 hours power backup.

So, if you still are looking at options to make your stay fun in Goa, then Zense Resort is the place for you! Address Opposite Novotel, Escriao Vaddo, Candolim, Call -+91 7722098360”

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The Times of India (Delhi) Feature Zense Resort

Go for a luxury Goan holiday

Zense Resort’s stunning boutique facilities has been given top praise by the Times of India Group. The Delihi times today on 6th February 2016 can beUnique Transport Facility Goa - Tandem Bike Hired From Zense Resort GOA quoted stating the new Resort in Candolim Goa is the place to “go for a luxury Goan Holiday.”

It is no secret that Goa is one of the top holiday destinations in India. The state has its reputations
in different circles, depending who you talk to,
but one thing remains Goa is the place to be. The facilities at Zense Resort add to the unique appeal of the place by bringing an exclusive dining experience never seen before, anywhere! It is home to a new fusion restaurant & bar from Banana Leaf & Mahesh Lunch Home (two popular and trusted brands in India). Authentic southern classic veg or non veg fill the menu, with impressive new dishes that must be tried to believe.

This is not the 1st time Zense Resort has been in the News since its inception. Only a few months prior to today, at the opening ceremony for the Resort, Zense feature in the Times of Goa, with celebrities and Indian business moguls alike attending the ceremony, to support long time successful business man Jatin Arora in his new venture.

The Review:

Goa is all about beaches, food and having a good time; and The Zense Resort is one addition to the growing hospitality sector in the region, which promises all that. This prime property, located 500 meters from the famous Candolim beach, is on the main road of Fort Aguada. They have five categories of Wi-Fi-enabled rooms, including executive rooms, deluxe rooms, luxury rooms, junior suite and master suite respectively, some of which are equipped with hammocks and luxury swings, while the suites come with independent terraces. Guests also have the option to ex plore the bylanes of Goa and visit the monuments on tandem cycles provided by the hotel, or simply chill in their room, surf through the HD TV channels and watch their favourite show.

Check out the Times of Delhi full E-Paper Here

They can also unwind and relax at the terrace garden pool side. The hotel also houses the popular South I Resto Bar, which offers authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian South Indian dishes.

The resort has 24-hour security and power backup. Address: Opposite Novotel, Escriao Vaddo, Candolim, 403515, Phone no:. +91-7722098360 +91-7722098360

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