LPK – Love Passion Karma Waterfront is the most unique location in Goa which offers incredible water views, breathtaking beauty, grand opulence and romantic charm.


Love Passion Karma, three words that rightly describe this venue. The LPK waterfront, is one of the most exotic party and wedding venues in Goa situated very close to our Zense Resort on the banks of the River Nerul in Candolim. Amazingly sculpted terracotta statues all around, constructed almost entirely of mud and stone and an amazing view with a 400-year-old church in the backdrop, LPK Goa is everything it promises.

Talk about clubbing in Goa, think about LPK. This is the spell that the club tries to enchant its guests with. The weekends are wild here at Love Passion Karma and the DJs play their sets through the night. At night, the place is lit up very well creating a feeling of standing amongst ancient ruins thanks to all the surreal carvings and sculptures that form an intricate part of the ambience and decor here. This venue is surrounded by water on three sides. Inside the club, are carvings all over the walls and ceiling. This cave-like construction takes us back to our pre-historic times with post-modern music. If you need a break from the noise of the music, you can just step out onto the deck and take in the cool evening breeze and enjoy the stillness of the night.

LPK has various areas within the sprawling property like the Sun Deck where, ironically, you should head post sunset to just relax and and gaze at the stars. LPK is also a very popular wedding venue. Just perfect for a wedding ceremony, the aptly named the ‘Love Temple’ is located at the bank of the river in a much quieter location and is just the perfect spot to exchange vows. The background has an amazing sculpture, surrounded by little sculpted cupids all around.

This is a party spot that seems to have literally come up from the salt pans, fish ponds and swamps of Nerul. It’s like walking through some wonderland with various clay-moulded sculptures of damsels, cherubs, jolly demons and other surreal creatures looking down on you with benign, spaced out eyes. The entire 200-metre long pathway is lined with frangipanis, bougainvilleas and other flowering trees and steps at various points leading down to the old fish ponds. And just before the main nightclub there’s a 50-feet long reclining figure of a damsel made out of clay with grass grown in place of a two-piece bikini.

LPK may be made of mud but the dance floor inside is as swish as it gets and the crowd is modern and international. Being located close to the tourist hub of Candolim- Calangute, the majority of the crowd is foreign and domestic tourists who bring in their party demons and attitudes to match the huge ghostly figures which loom all over you as you party the night away.


LPK has taken a conscious decision to stay away from the trance and club music which is played at many other party spots. The emphasis here is on international chart-busters from all over the globe. While the European tourists often request Euro hits, the desi domestic crowd clamours for Bollywood hits and the DJ throw in hip-hop chart busters for extra measure. “Nobody leaves the floor.”