A ‘Global late night’ experience.

Situated really close to our very own Zense Resort,
Cohiba – styled as ‘Made in Havana’ – Bar and Kitchen concept
has music, food and the spirit flowing…all that the Goans love to savor.
The place is as fancy as the name and this is a must visit place for all
the party goers to have one of the finest experience.
Be it the dj,food or ambience this place has got it all.

Walk through the entrance …the place is spaciously terraced right up into the hill.
You have a choice of sitting on the restaurant styled tables
or move under the antiqued beamed roof under which big barrelled tables
and high chairs cushioned with a bright orange colour invite you.
The bar has a wide range of spirits
and the different pictures on the walls add to the colourful array.
A small stage sits in that area with a promise of
‘live’ entertainment after the sun has set.
This place has some event or the other throughout the week
and some top names do a live performance quite often.
IF you wish to be transported to the wildly exuberant,
musical climes of Cuba for an evening, you should head to Cohiba.

Parking is plentiful, ambience relaxing during the day
and buzzing at night with retro
(especially when the live bands are playing on Wednesdays and Saturday).
It’s a great place to entertain when late lunches
and dinners are a need of the hour.
Yes Cohiba Bar and Kitchen has the right elements for
a late meal experience.
Overall this a great place to party pretty late into
the night with some amazing drinks on offer.